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Development on an awkward site

We’re just received Planning Permission for a new development proposal for two new contemporary houses within the curtilage of an existing Client’s property.  


The Clients came to us disheartened, with a record of years' worth of previous rejected planning applications and appeals, as well as being guided down design routes they had not really wished to go down. We found out later in the process that there was an element of frustration from the Local Parish council to the approach for the previous application. 


The site had hurdles to overcome including a steep rise in the ground level of over 10m across a relatively narrow site, causing difficultly in siting the properties, and creating potential overlooking issues with neighbouring properties. 


We often take on projects regardless of their complexity, size, and budget, but always with the mindset to create something beautiful that has the opportunity to enhance the way we live and interact with each other and our surroundings. We are always up for a challenge and saw this site as an opportunity to create an interesting arrangement of accommodation, where the occupants would be able to benefit from natural light, quiet spaces, and a minimised environmental footprint. Our design prioritised passive heating and cooling techniques, utilise recycled materials, and integrate green spaces throughout the complex, allowing residents to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


Through the initial stages we developed the design and brief alongside side the client, as well as collaboration with the local planning authority and discussions with local parish councils, we ensured we addressed their concerns raised with previous schemes and had a design proposal that worked with a difficult site topography and local context, achieved the client’s requirement and a scheme that was supported at local and parish council level. 


Collaboration is a very important tool for an architect to use, and it is important to use it well. This approach has enabled us to successfully deliver on all the client’s objectives and continue our 100% planning success rate for over a decade with South Oxfordshire District Council, both of which we are very proud of. 


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